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Whimsical Happy Buddha Cat

Whimsical Happy Buddha Cat

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  • Material: Resin
  • Meditating cat figurine
  • Great for cat & yoga lovers
  • Height: 5 inches approx.
  • Could make a good gift too
It’s not simply people’s talk. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve focus and enhance self-awareness. There’s a reason why every billionaire in the world is into some sort of meditation, yoga, or exercise.

Now is the time to opt for this habit, if you haven’t started it already. And to assist you in the process, we have this Happy Buddha Cat Figurine.

Just look at the calmness on her face – it’s her soul that is smiling. 

Put her near you while meditating or doing yoga and take deep breaths together to expel stress. It’s made of resin and gives quite a luxurious feel.

What you’ll get:

  • Your personal yoga partner: Whether you’re doing the lotus pose or practicing the cobra pose, there has to be a certain amount of motivation to do this every single day. This happy buddha cat will be that source of motivation. Keep it beside you and practice the poses together every morning.
  • Amplifies the décor of your house: You can also use this meditating cat figurine to enhance the décor of your house. Place it on your bed’s side table, on the corner stand or position it on the shelf of your entertainment center.
  • Give as a gift to loved ones: Know someone who is just starting out her fitness journey or someone who is living a stressful life? This happy buddha cat could be a very suitable gift for them.


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