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Two Player Fighting Wooden Toy Interactive Tabletop Creative Game

Two Player Fighting Wooden Toy Interactive Tabletop Creative Game

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*According to legend, the generals duel originated 1600 years ago. During the Wu Zetian period of the Tang Dynasty, competitions were opened to select generals with the most powerful literature and martial arts. Our designers have gone through many years, on the basis of retaining the original characteristics, using modern technology dozens of improvements, and finally created a product that crosses the age!
*Generals duel control the generals to move forward and backward through the joystick to swing their weapons, which can show dozens of actions. The professionally designed military commander magnetically attracts the red hearts on his chest, and it is the victory to shoot down the opponent's red hearts. The upgraded version has a human-shaped target for single-player practice, which can be practiced and controlled by one person alone to create a variety of own general moves.
*Most of this product has been installed when it leaves the factory. Of course, you can also create your own general shape or make your own unique weapons.There are two types of generals duel, the standard version and the upgraded version. The standard version is mainly made of pine wood, weight 0.65KG, size 13*37*9CM. The upgraded version is made of fine beech wood, weight 1.5KG, size 24.5*39.5*11.2.
*This is a super interactive toy. Your child can play a fun game together with adults or their friends. A fun, competitive and additive game of strategy, skill and chance.We prefer wood because we care about the planet and our next generations. Kids love to play with this natural and sustainable material. This product has a number of patents and has passed the toy product safety certification of many countries, including the European Union CE certification and the US CPC certification.



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