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Pet Paw Cleaner

Pet Paw Cleaner

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Once you've finished up at the dog run, it's likely you'll have a particular problem on your hands: dirty paws.

Instead of grabbing paper towels and attempting to brush off all that mud and dirt, all you've got to do is pull out this beloved and utilitarian portable dog paw cleaner.

Soft bristles easily remove dirt from paws, nails, and lower legs in seconds. The convenient handle and wide no-spill silicone opening assists fast and effective cleaning

Designed with you and your fur baby in mind, the paw washer cleans your dog’s paws quickly, reducing indoor mess and floor stains, and preventing paw irritation from contaminates

The paw cleaner comes in three sizes, for small to large dogs. The slim shape can be tucked into a bag or water bottle holder for trips to the park and hiking expeditions, or it can simply be stored by the back door. 

To use the cleaner, just add a little water to the cup, insert the muddy paw, and twist. The gentle silicone bristles help remove any dirt and grime from your dog's paws, while keeping the mess in the cup — and not in the house.


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