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Magnetic Levitation Solar Motor

Magnetic Levitation Solar Motor

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Because of the lack of sunlight in winter,

The light is not comprehensive enough,

Solar energy doesn’t turn much,

It is recommended to use LED warm light of about 100W



Total weight: 231 g

Revolution: 300-1500 r/MIN

Overall size: 140*58MM

Shaft size: 123*47MM

Unified material: acrylic, strong magnet, stainless steel shaft, solar panel, pure copper enameled wire


1 product needs (sunlight, bath bar lamp, tungsten lamp, spotlights) and other high-power light source like fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, led lamp are not enough to drive this product!

2. Strong magnet is relatively fragile, do not let the strong magnet free adsorption, strong impact will damage the magnet.

3. Acrylic easy to grind, before the factory is covered with film delivery, please do not care and the details of the page is not the same, you tear off the film and the details of the page is the same.

Acrylic alias plexiglass, is a kind of plastic, please do not put the product in the car or high temperature place, will cause acrylic deformation and product damage.At the same time do not fall acrylic, acrylic will cause breakage.

1. What is the principle of suspension?

Fixed ends fixed retainer magnet, take appropriate position, as long as the analysis on the magnetic field generated by the retainer on both ends of the magnet, can know are bearing magnets in the vertical direction, in fact, in a similar bowl magnetic field, are bearing magnets will slide to the center of the bowl, also is the middle of the retainer on both ends of the magnet, supported by an upward.

But it is only stable suspension be lifted up is impossible, even a little bit, will lose balance, then we will be from both ends of bearing magnet retainer, in the middle of the magnet, slightly outward moving a bit, according to the stress analysis of the magnet is another force, the force point to the direction of the movement, so the tip on the support, and outside disturbance can be rely on the support of the local friction to offset that smart, if adjusted properly, the friction will be tiny.

Different solar energy structures are different, but the principle is the same.

2. What kind of light?

(1) the best light source we need is the strong sunlight. You can take us outside or put us by an open window on a sunny day.

(2) we can also rotate under high-power lights, such as bath bar lights, decorative spotlights, etc. (for safety precautions, please refer to the product)

3· why does it rotate under light?

We need three more things to work on top of what's already suspended.

Six solar cells, six enameled coils, and one piece of rubidium iron boron.

The six solar cells are arranged in a hexagonal shape, facing each other, with the positive pole connected to the negative pole of the other.

This set of solar cells with automatic reversing function is connected to a coil. During operation, the solar cells that do positive work are always in a well-lit position, generating a large amount of current. The ones that do negative work are always on the dark side, generating a small amount of current, so that the rotor can continue to move in one direction.



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