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Hydro Jet Powered Handheld Turbo Fan High Pressure Shower Head With Filter

Hydro Jet Powered Handheld Turbo Fan High Pressure Shower Head With Filter

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  • BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN&HAIR: If your old shower panel has accumulated some limescale, you feel that your hair and skin are very dry, there is no doubt that you need a shower head with filtering function to improve the water quality for shower! The FATCAMEL filtered shower head with upgraded triple filtration function can soften the hard water effectively so that you can enjoy a comfortable
  • SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE THE WATER PRESSURE: If you are struggling with a low water pressure during the shower everyday, the FATCAMEL high pressure shower head can significantly improve the water pressure with the revolutionary micro nozzle technology, smaller and denser outlet holes increase the speed of the water flow, thereby increase the water pressure.
  • Universal 360-degree rotation, ABS material and stainless steel panel
  • Turbo Fan to fully mix the hot and cold water, make the pressure more strong
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL: The FATCAMEL handheld filtered shower head is universal standard size, which is suitable for all G1/2 hose interface, just screw the shower head onto your shower hose and then you can have an fabulous shower time!
  • Built-in vortex fan to make the water pressure stronger

    Transparent design and high density filter removable, easy to clean

    Latest version, with one-key water stop, faster and more convenient water saving

    The 360-degree adjustable function allows you to point the shower head to any position you want to suit everyone's height and needs



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