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The Fire Wand

The Fire Wand

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Velcro closure
Dry cleaning only
Do you still want to have a wand that can perform magic to the fullest? The reality is that there's no real wand store, and you shouldn't be disappointed that it's here today. Now you can! Recite the mantra "incendio" (blazing fire) and hit the switch to light a small bunch of fire.

The wand is made of resin and high-quality steel tubing, non-toxic, odorless, and well-made. Produce jaw-dropping effects and captivate any spectator or passerby with incredibly realistic fire fans!
One key to light, with glitter paper, tear and roll the paper. Push it into the wand and all you have! The tighter/bigger the paper, the farther the flame ball will go. Portable and works without fuel, lighters or anything harmful.
The wand is perfect for parties, theatrical cosplay, birthday, Christmas, Halloween themed costume accessories. Packaged in an elegant wand box, the wand is perfect as a gift and you'll be captivated by its shape.
NOTE: This is a real wand that breathes fire. This product is not suitable for children as the wand needs to be used with care. Keep wand away from flammable materials and liquids. Please read all safety instructions and be careful
Play with caution.

1x wand (glow or flame)
1X hook
1X ticket
Can be used for about 200 times of paper consumption
1X Charger
1X Spelling Sheet

Additional consumables need to be purchased separately. This is a special paper used for magic shows. The Fire Wand contains some Fire Paper.



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