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Creative Ring Coffee Mug

Creative Ring Coffee Mug

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  • The mug is packaged individually in an oversized, velour-lined jewelry-style box
  • The glossy white ceramic mug features a golden ring-shaped handle accented by a large, clear Swarovski crystal
  • When using the mug, slip a finger through the handle to appear to wear a large ring
  • The mug with its packaging make a functional and humorous gift
  • Hand wash to retain the handle's sparkle
Are you a prankster? Do you think your better half is a funny person? Then you should try this on your wife. Time to test if she has a sense of humor, if you married the funny one. But be careful, presenting this to your girlfriend while you kneel can result in being dumped right there once she realizes what this is. Gag gift only for extremely confident males. If you wan’t to double prank her then hide the real engagement ring inside the mug. What we can be sure is that the results will be unpredictable at best. You have been warned!

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