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Bohemian Light-Polar Star Projector Wooden Lamp LED

Bohemian Light-Polar Star Projector Wooden Lamp LED

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Bohemian Light- The pattern of our night light consists of diamonds, it has a strong three-dimensional effect. When the LED light turns on, it is lifelike from any angle, giving people unlimited fantasy and fun.

Modern Geometric Design- This desk lamp is made up of ten geometrical panels making a prism. The lamp stands beautifully on its own as a day to day furniture piece with a metallic gleam to the pattern, but when sun shines onto the lamp, many colours will appear, creating a tranquil atmosphere,watch the lamp change colour, according to the angle from which you view it, making a wonderful home decor item.

Characteristics of the Lamp- The brilliant colours that project from the lamps are accentuated by their setting within the lamp it’s self and your chosen space influences the colour shift, which you will enjoy,We use a twisted vintage cable to power each lamp with switch - all of which operate on low energy, environmentally friendly bulbs.

Provides Relaxation- The 3D LED bulb is unlike traditional incandescent bulb, can cast colorful ball lights with 3D effect, Cutting prismbring,gorgeous visual effects to your home, party and wedding,instant full brightness etc.

Multiple Applications- This Bohemian Light lamp makes a wonderful zen lamp for yoga spaces, studios or to light up any space to transform into an aura of colours waves,also is the perfect option for brightening up indoor areas like the kitchen island, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom.




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