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3D Brain-teaser Wooden Puzzles

3D Brain-teaser Wooden Puzzles

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It all started with Gosper curve fractal puzzle consists of repeated figures that, when put together, create a geometric shape. The principle of creating such a puzzle is seen all around us. Looking at a snowflake, a starfish, flowers and other plants, you can see a form consisting of many repeating elements.

However, repetition of these elements does not guarantee simplicity. Fractal is considered to be one of the most difficult puzzles in the world, because one part can be placed in different places, and you need to select the pieces so they eventually fit into the playing field and fully complete it. The pieces can be ideally inserted into the holes and eventually become parts of the playing field, completely drowning in it, leaving a smooth surface.

Our fractal will become a cool gift for puzzle lovers, a gift for a boyfriend, a gift with an inscription for a friend, a gift for your beloved teacher, a gift for a scientist, a gift for a mathematician, a gyro compaction.

Fractal jigsaw puzzle helps with improving attention, logic and memory. Nevertheless, since it is very difficult to remember the final location of each piece on the playing field, you will not get bored by solving it again and again.


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